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I very much like the age I am now, and I know I'll miss it! Although it can be said of all ages, I feel I've lived through some of the best moments as this age. Fifteen. My golden year, lucky number, pursuit of true friends, discovery of self, art and accomplishment, my sweet sixteen is only three days away, and I don't yet want to give up this identity, I can do so much as a child and an adult, I have a lot more living to do. To be a living thing I must age, and I don't care about appearance or death. This would be a good age to die at, not for anyone but me, and not yet no matter!  I want to be this age forever, yet I am mature and immature enough to realize my potential, still I'll miss the memories. That's my intent for this: Save this mindset, I have but three days. I have to catch up on sick work and Sophie Browne, but this is for me. For the good of future me, and Quail, she deserves it too! I love them enough!


It started (unofficially) on a chilly November night last year, the fourteenth. It was cold and crisp out, and a safe comfort in the inside. She walks outside, a fourteen year-old lass with Morgie in a sweet black-bosomed blue-plaid skirt Alice dress. Striped socks swathed over newly shaved fat legs under Ugg boots. A giddy girl waits for her friends as she tidies up around the keyboard and tries to line up some music. The phone rings, its Julia. She's so excited! The girl rushes to the mirror to put on more rose-red lipstick, her scar on her nose still detracts from her fixer-upper face but she feels beautiful. She puts on a fedora and pearls and hugs her franticly cleaning mum who hugs her back and tells her she looks pretty. Julia comes up with her parents, who treat the girl's mum like a babysitter, but the girls don't mind they're off dancing to lady gaga songs and laughing. In what seems like seconds another one of the girl's friends rush in happily. It's Terese! Apparently she's gaga for lady gaga too, the girl wouldn't have guessed that of her friend. In time all her friends are there, but two are missing. Mari and Darius, she assures the partygoers that Mari will arrive shortly, inevitably Mari never comes. Unbeknownst to the girl Cecelia and Jessica had been best friends in girl scouts, something the girl would never have wasted her time in, despite guarantying increased popularity and friendship. None of this mattered any more… these were her friends!  They are all having a fantastic time, despite Jessica's mum who insisted on chaperoning. We play charades, and make fun of commercials on the muted TV. They have Cosetta's pizza brought by the girl's dad brings it. Cecilia decorates the chocolate cake with M&M's. The girl wishes for everyone's dreams to come true, because here with her friends she realizes hers finally have! There is a minor broken heart attached, though, with her best and most constant friend, Darius, missing.  The party goes on to being teenager-like and wonderfully immature, as if it wasn't already.  With Christmas coming they make skits about "Pedophile Santa" the girl tapes them. The parents have left them alone, thankfully. Circumstances change, and Jessica leaves. The group escorts her down, we run amuck in the pallid hallways, home to our singing teacher. We sing random Christmas music and D*sney songs as well as jumping in elevators, posing in pictures and playing truth or dare. Then, while coochie-cooing over puppies and deciding on which nostalgic movie to watch in the broken VCR, the girl gets a call from Darius. Her spastic nature around her friends hides her legitimate excitement to hear his voice. He tells her that he was in her closet the whole time. She believes him. On goes the party, they all act under their age, Its more fun to act immature as a teenager than it is when you can get away with it! It was wonderful until the end, when Catie, Cecelia, Emily and Terese inevitably left and the girl and her friend Darius played line rider and she showed him pictures she drew. So much hope!  By then it was midnight, and she was fifteen!
Writing © Ravyn LaRue (All Rights Reserved!) :brushteeth:
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October 19, 2011
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